The Alchemist Book Review

This book is truly an amazing story by Paulo Coelho. It is about a shepherd boy who had a prophetic dream about a great treasure. Santiago, the boy’s name, embarked on a great journey to have his dreams to be interpreted. Then his quest made him to go to the great pyramids of Egypt. In his travels, he was full of determination and passion that made him pursue greatly what his dreams have shown him. The best thing about this book is that you can truly relate to it in our own lives. The boy’s journey reminds us of our own journeys in life and having a great will to pursue our dreams. In one way or another, the story inspires us that if you want to achieve goals or just want something greatly, the universe will resonate with you and help you make it so.

The book not only gives out a storyline of a great journey but as well includes great lessons in life that we can relate. My acupuncturist (, a very successful woman, has taken a lot of her lessons from this book. Some awesome takeaways are about fear, success, making decisions, focus and taking action. Our lives are full of obstacles and challenges. This is embodied in the boy’s journey as he himself made great decisions in every step of his journey. Relating these moments within ourselves, truly we face them almost every day. Being able to overcome our fears to help us keep track of our journey is one important matter that we can truly learn from the story. It may not be easy but we pick ourselves up and embrace the challenges that come our way. This can make us successful and achieve the things that we want the most. This is what makes Coelho’s book so magical that the emotions in the story can be so relatable that it somehow makes a strong impact on us.

Me Before You Book Review

Hearing about this novel, I was thinking that it was one of the so many novels of this generation where girl meets boy who fell in love with each other, the end. Yet, after reading it, I realized that it was way beyond that. When you look deep within the 2 main characters, you will see real life issues such as self-pity, and family responsibility like from a child’s perspective and from a parent’s perspective. Also, let me not forget about the issue of euthanasia or assisted suicide. So when you are reading reviews to know if the book is worth your time or not, then you’ll know it in this review.

The book will make you see an issue of a child who is being forced to earn to give back to her family, which is a society’s standard anyway. The female character needs to put her family first even if it means putting herself aside. Thus, depriving herself to live the way she wants and suppressing the passion that she has which is to travel the world. For the parents of the male character, you’ll see every parent who never gives up on their child even if their son already wants to give up. It is where the issue of being denial comes in and fear of death for their son. Then, for the male character, it’s the issue of justifying euthanasia. It is by releasing the female character of the responsibility of taking him for the rest of his life. When in reality, self-pity already begun even before the female character met him, including the truth that his ex-girlfriend is going to get married not to someone, but to his best friend. Nonetheless, the issues that occur as unconventional twists in the novel explain why a lot of people from almost all over the globe are hooked to it.

Overall, the novel is a good read. It will make you realize real life issues that almost everyone can relate to. It is a tear-jerker. So when you are someone who wants to read novels that have a not-so-happy-ending, then this one for you.